Frederick Law Olmsted is best known for designing landmarks like Central Park, the U.S. Capitol grounds, and Biltmore Estate. He also designed six linear parks along Ponce. Read more at:

Olmsted Linear Park Alliance (OLPA) is a proud celebration partner of the Olmsted 200 campaign, a nationwide celebration honoring the Bicentennial of the birth of Frederick Law Olmsted (FLO) in 2022.  Olmsted is the famed 19th-century author, public official, urban planner and founder of American landscape architecture whose vision of “parks for all people” helped shape American culture. The Bicentennial will include national and local events, advocacy and education about Olmsted’s life, legacy and values in order to build public and policy support for America’s natural and historic spaces. For more information and resources, visit and sign up for the monthly newspaper, Olmsted Insider, which will provide timely information about the Campaign in 2021 and 2022.

View this beautiful photo essay in the New York Times celebrating Olmsted’s 200 birthday. Deepdene is a featured location.

February 2022 Olmsted 200’s theme of “Parks for All People” is an important lens to use as we think about both the past and the future. Olmsted spent some of his earliest years reporting on the Civil War for The New York Times. Stationed in the South, Olmsted saw first-hand the terrible impacts of American slavery and the inequity that existed across class and race. Those experiences helped develop Olmsted’s vision for democracy and equality, inspiring him to design landscapes that were accessible to and benefited all people— not just a privileged few. Olmsted saw landscape architecture as a way to bring freedom and fulfillment to all people. Read the newsletter and subscribe at:

Nationwide Events, Concerts, Celebrations, and Advocacy Campaigns Will Unfold Across America in 2022 WASHINGTON, Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — April 26, 2022, marks 200 years since the birth of American landscape architect and social reformer Frederick Law Olmsted, who championed the idea of public parks in the United States. In response, more than 120 organizations nationwide have banded together as “Olmsted 200: Parks for All People” for a year of public programming and events designed to celebrate, strengthen and expand parks, open space and American quality of life. “‘Parks for all people,’ is the theme for hundreds of events across America this year as we celebrate the joy that parks and open spaces bring to our lives,” said Anne Neal Petri, CEO of National Association for Olmsted Parks, which is managing the Olmsted 200 campaign. “Frederick Law Olmsted birthed the notion of public urban parks, and he created places that bring people together across their differences. These are bold ideas…

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She is widely considered to have been the first American woman to become a certified architect, and she left her stamp throughout western New York and in New England. By Sydney Franklin, NY Times Read more at The New York Times.

Planners and designers are linking labor, social services and maintenance to building projects by prioritizing the concept of “care.” By Alexandra Lange, Bloomberg CityLab Read more at Bloomberg CityLab